"anteroom - noun - a small room that leads into a larger, more stately room”
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The Vailix / XSmashcasters / Synthetic Division
The Vailix / XSmashcasters / Synthetic Division
The Vailix / XSmashcasters / Synthetic Division
Mar 16, 2018
 @ 8:00 PM
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The Vailix / XSmashcasters / Synthetic Division
The Ante Room

The Vailix – Formed in 2014, The Vailix is a female fronted hard rock band from Charlottesville, VA, who use music, light, and art to tell stories based on the sci-fi graphic novel series “The Tales of the Cloud Ocean”, created by guitarist/songwriter Rob Richmond. Powerful vocals soar above riff-heavy guitars, grinding bass, and thunderous drums as they turn narration and images into songs that drive just as intensely as the story from which they spring. The Vailix is a unique, and heart-pounding experience from start to finish!

XSmashcasters are a Charlottesville/Richmond, Virginia-based band whose style encompasses genres 1970s-Style NY Punk, Street Punk, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Bootboy Glam, Proto Punk, Oi!, Mod, Power Pop, and Soul.
The earliest incarnation of the band first came together in 2001. The latest line-up features former members of the 1990s Punk Rock ‘N’ Roll stalwarts The Halfways and The Counselors. Collectively, members have also previously played in Gothic, Horror, Hardcore, and Metal acts If/Then, In Tenebris, Oh So, The Savages, New American Nightmare, Bloody Crackdown, Unit F, and Fulton Ave.

Synthetic Division – Inspired by the sounds of 80’s electropop groups such as New Order, Depeche Mode and The Pet Shop Boys, Synthetic Division keep up with the times by infusing modern sounds and ideas into a classic and proven sound. Music that moves your feet… or your heart… and, sometimes, it’ll move both at once.