"anteroom - noun - a small room that leads into a larger, more stately room”
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The First Harmonics / The Arrhythmics / Lark
The First Harmonics / The Arrhythmics / Lark
Dec 6, 2015
 @ 6:00 PM
$7 - $10
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The First Harmonics / The Arrhythmics / Lark
The Ante Room

The First Harmonics – UVA’s premier all-science-&-engineering graduate student a cappella group. This group is for all of those nerds who secretly harbor dreams of leaving grad school to become lounge singers or the next American Idol. This is for all of you who have worked a late night in the lab, grabbed a pippette, popped the collar on your lab coat, and started crooning. They have banded together to form the greatest group of singing scientific grad students the world has ever seen! (And they look pretty darn hot in their white lab coats too). They are The First Harmonics!

The Arrhythmics – Arrhythmics is an acapella group comprised of students from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. The group performs at various hospital and medical school events throughout the year.
Lark – Barbershop Quartet singing is a uniquely American a cappella contribution to music, initially peaking in popularity between 1890 and the 1920’s.  The current revitalization of barbershop quartets and choruses spans the globe, entertaining not only with hits of a century ago but with new arrangements of pop, jazz, doo-wop and other contemporary favorites. “Lark” is one of several quartets in the Jeffersonland Barbershop Chorus. It features a UVA Neuroscience graduate student, a retired dentist, the Finance Director of a local non-profit, and a retired anthropologist.  They agree: singing barbershop is a lark!